Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bring on the Progesterone

Period Watch continues. Today was Day 4 of my 10-day progesterone protocol, to try to force my period. We postponed the start of the medication by about a week so that we could be sure that I wouldn't be ovulating while S. was laid up after his knee surgery next week. S. did his tests on Monday (his first time making love to a plastic cup.) He clearly did not enjoy the experience. I "helped" as much as I could, though I failed in my mission to buy him some porn, since I think he was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go into a masturbation room with lots of "reading" materials, like they always allude to in the movies. But honestly, I think that the blood test freaked him out even more (he hates needles, and has been known to faint at the site of his own blood -- yes, he's my macho man!).

From what I've read, progesterone has the mildest side effects of all the fertility-related drugs that may be in my future, but I'm already complaining (I've also already apologized to S. for any monsterously bitchy behavior that he'll have to deal with). I've been nauseous every afternoon since starting the drugs, and lightheaded throughout the day. Trouble concentrating. Forgetfull. Or maybe I'm just distracted.... When I picked up the clomid at the drug store, so I'd have it for when I needed it, I asked the pharmacist about side effects. She looked at my sympathetically and said, "women do not have fun on this drug." She listed off headaches, nausea, vision problems, dizziness, ... but then said "but it is very effective!" and warned me about multiple pregnancies. But for now, the progresterone. One step at a time.

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