Friday, October 12, 2007


After much discussion of the cost of fertility treatments, I decided to keep track of how much we're actually spending. Our insurance is actually not too bad -- it covers all the normal procedures, including IVF, should that end up becoming necessary, and medications. But, only up to a point. There's a lifetime cap which, by my estimates, should be enough to see us through many, many IUIs and associated meds, but probably with only enough left for a single IVF cycle (possibly two, if it's on the cheap side). I'm still hopeful that we won't get to that point, so all the major costs might still fall under the spending cap, in which case we're only responsible for the copays for appointments and prescriptions. So, the total should stay relatively low (in the hundreds, rather than the thousands that other people seem to spend) until we hit the insurance cap.

So far:

initial consulation: $15
progesterone: $5
Clomid: $5
Erythromycin: $5

Total so far: $30

The cost to my mental health, of course, is much higher....

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