Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The First of Many Waits

I took the last of the progesterone today. Now, we wait for my period to begin. I'm glad the progesterone is over, since I've been feeling rather sick and dizzy while on it, and haven't been able to concentrate on anything. I'm also anxious to move on to the next step (the part that can actually have a chance of getting me pregnant -- this is just the preliminary stuff to start my cycle going). At the same time, I'm nervous about the clomid. If I was feeling sick just from the progesterone, I can just imagine what the clomid is going to be like.

Dr. M. said that I could expect my period to start either during the progesterone, or 2-3 days after I finish it. Search online today, it looks like it might be up to a week after finishing it. I hate all the waiting! I had been thinking that I'd be starting my cycle Thursday or Friday, but I guess it might end up being later than that... so for now, we wait.

S. surgery is tomorrow. On the one hand, it's good that I won't be on the clomid and being a bitch to him while he's recovering. It will also be good that taking care of him will hopefully distract me from the anticipation. At the same time, I've been counting down the days to both the surgery and the clomid, and epxected them to be happening around the same time, so this is kind of disappointing. Oh well.

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