Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Start Counting....

S. had his surgery this afternoon. He was still loopy from the anesthesia when I drove him home, with a long list of post-op care instructions for me to follow. After helping him into the house, getting him comfortably settled on the couch with his leg elevated and the auto-cooler humming merrily along, I headed out to buy the things he needed (big bags of ice, juice, soup, toast). I was in a hurry to get back, because he can't move around at all and was still having waves of nausea from the pain killers. As I'm running around the grocery store ... sudden cramps. Then dizziness. And more cramps.

So... right now, it's just spotting (bright red, but not exactly flowing). My normal pattern would be for full-on period to start tomorrow, then. For the purposes of counting my cycle days for the Clomid, I'm not sure if today or tomorrow is supposed to count as Day One. But, I have to call Dr. M. tomorrow either way, to schedule the various upcoming appointments, so I guess I'll just ask him. The timing isn't *that* great, because either way I'll be on the Clomid while also taking care of my immobile and needy husband. But, I am excited that we're moving forward!

In the mean time ... damn, cramps just keep getting worse.

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