Friday, October 5, 2007

Cycle Day 2

Today is Cycle Day 2. Tomorrow I go in for the first of my blood tests, and I start the Clomid. My HSG is scheduled for this Tuesday; my ultrasound and cultures are scheduled for the following Tuesday. Depending on the number and size of the follicles, we'll figure out where to go from there.

S. had a post-op check today, and he will continue be stuck on the couch or bed 24 hours a day, at least until Monday, when he starts physical therapy. In the mean time, I'm doing the cooking, cleaning, bringing him food and water, helping him to the bathroom, bathing him, refilling his ice therapy chest every 5 hours (also requires daily trips to the grocery store for more bags of ice), moving his passive motion machine around 4 times a day (darn thing weighs 60 lbs, and has to be lifted up and down each time he gets in/out of it), and getting him pain meds every 4 hours (including the middle of the night, so neither of us has slept in 2 nights, either). He's getting understandably restless, and my cramps, headaches, and nervousness about the Clomid and HSG are starting to take their toll on my ability to lovingly cater to his every whim. It's obviously not his fault, and he's actually being a great patient, but I can't help feeling guilty that I'm not helping him more, because I'm too wrapped up in hormonal nuttiness.

So, yeah, Clomid starting tomorrow. The next few days should be real fun in our house.

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