Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, today sucked.

Today is Cycle Day 6, which makes it the fourth day of taking Clomid. The Clomid actually hasn't been as bad as I was expecting. I had night sweats the first night, and I've had some relatively mild hot flashes (they're mildly annoying to me, but seem to be freaking out S.). A few headaches, but not as bad as my usual migraines, so definitely manageable (even without any Advil, which I'm trying to avoid). Mainly, it's the uncontrollable crying that's been the most noteworthy. Constantly. For no reason at all, much of the time. But, as far as the Clomid so far, nothing I can't handle.

The HSG, on the other hand... wow. It started off bad because they wouldn't let S. come in with me. He's on crutches because of his surgery, and he couldn't really stand next to me for 45 minutes during the procedure, and the nurse refused to let him bring a chair into the room, even though there was lots of empty space, so he had to wait outside. Inserting the speculum was more uncomfortable than a normal pap exam, but not by much. Prying open the cervix, however, .... holy crap that hurt. Even worse was inserting the catheter. I felt hot pain, and then it would go deeper, and then deeper, and every time I thought he must be done inserting it, the pain would intensify and spread even further. The x-ray itself was fast, and thankfully, it seemed to show that my uterus is fine and both my tubes are open, though we'll get the final results next week.

I've had horrible cramps ever since, and a TON of bleeding (worse than a normal period day for me). If I sit very still on the couch, the cramps subside some, but standing, moving, or lifting heavy objects (like S.'s freaking therapy machines) sends horrible pain through my lower abdomen. To top it off, Dr. M. prescribed 5 days of Erythromycin to ward off infections after the HSG, which always makes me nauseous. So even though I was looking forward to ending the Clomid tomorrow and having a few symptom-free days before ovulation, it's not to be. I spent the entire afternoon at home crying.

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