Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hCG Clear

I took a HPT this morning, which was negative, so I can be reasonably sure that the hCG trigger shot from last week has cleared my system. This means that when I'm ready to really test myself early next week, I can be reasonably sure that a positive result actually means something. So, one more week of waiting.

Today I also had blood drawn for a mid-luteal-phase progesterone level test. I was anxious about the results, since I've had short luteal phases before, but B. at Dr. M.'s office called late this afternoon to say that everything was fine. (She actually just said that my progesterone was elevated, so I definitely ovulated, but I already knew that much... I wanted to know whether it was elevated enough, which I guess is an assumed "yes".)

In other news, on and off I've been feeling vaguely nauseous all day. It's too early in the 2ww for it to be morning sickness, so it's probably all in my head, but still... what's up with that?

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