Saturday, November 3, 2007


My period finally started today, with a vengeance, after a very respectable (and long!) 16-day luteal phase. I'm telling myself to be happy that it took so long, because it's a sign that my body is still capable of doing some of what it's supposed to do, correctly, on its own. Well, not completely on its own, since the Clomid is almost certainly what brought about the on-time ovulation and lengthened luteal phase, but I'm happy that it didn't need additional "prompting."

So, the doubled dose of Clomid starts on Monday, and I have an ultrasound scheduled for November 15. My outlook for the near future: cramps for the next two days, followed by complete emotional and physical upheaval for a week, followed by increasingly uncomfortable "pelvic fullness" for the week after that. And if I'm lucky, the pelvic fullness will be evenly distributed this time. Fun stuff.

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