Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cycle Day 4 (Take 2)

Today was the second day of this round of Clomid and it was ... not bad at all. Yesterday was one giant fuzzy sweaty fog. I took the Clomid in the morning, and by mid-day I was not quite awake, not quite asleep, not able to concentrate on anything, not even able to tell the difference between a '-' and a '=' on my monitor (if my fuzzy-brained thinking hadn't stopped me from getting any work done, certainly not seeing characters correctly did the trick!). So, I spent the day napping on the couch, with bad television in the background, fanning my hot sweaty body with a magazine and drinking gallons of water in an attempt to bring down my bloating.

After an uneven night of sleep (kept waking up feeling hot and sticky) today was actually okay. My body temp felt normalized (though S says I am still emanating an amazing amount of heat, so maybe I've just gotten used to it). My thinking wasn't 100%, but closer. Enough to get through a series of meetings and get some real work done, anyway. No headaches. No sweating. No crying. A little remaining bloating, but overall, I am pleasantly surprised! Of course, last cycle, it was Cycle Days 5 and 6 when I broke down in endless crying, so we'll see. But, so far so good!

Three days to go.

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