Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Weekend

We are back from spending Thanksgiving with S's family. Some highlights of the holiday:
  • Watching the entire family fawn ceaselessly over the two-month-old that S's friend brought along. The baby was the main entertainment for the entire 4 day holiday....
  • Bursting into tears the one time that I held the baby, practically throwing the infant at S. so that I could get out of the room before anyone saw me. (I don't think I succeeded. I think the family now just thinks that I hate children.)
  • Listening to S's mother argue that she should get to hold the baby more than the other women there, because she doesn't have any grandchildren of her own.
  • Being the only one to turn down the wine for a family toast, which seemed to then make everyone think that I'm already pregnant.
  • Listening to the baby's mother commiserate with the other women over first trimester symptoms, then listening to the other women commiserate with each other over hot flashes, knowing that I have experienced the symptoms in both discussions, at the same time, in the last several months, but not being able to say anything out loud.
  • Quietly suffering through cramps, headaches, and uncomfortably rising internal temperatures without saying anything, trying to act cheerful.
When we got home, I also found out that another one of our friends is pregnant. This will be their second, and they had to have the doctor estimate the due date because they weren't really trying, so hadn't been paying attention to timing. She's due in July, just after A. So, add yet another baby shower to the calendar.

As for me... my BBT is still up, but other than that, we won't know anything for at least a week. On Tuesday, I have a blood test to check progesterone levels, and I can start checking to see of the hCG shot cleared my system, but it will be another week after that before I know anything definite.

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