Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Definitely Not

It is now official - my period started this morning, the cycle failed, I'm (still) not pregnant. I start the next round of Clomid on Thursday, this time at the maximum dosage. We're going to be cutting it very close as to whether we will be able to do an IUI this cycle before we leave for Christmas. If the timing is the same as last cycle, we'll be doing the procedure on our way to the airport; if I ovulate any later than that, we'll be trying the old-fashioned way (though still with pharmaceutical assistance), very quietly, in the guest room at S's parents' house. Woopee.

The stats thus far:
IUI#1 - Oct'07 - 50mg Clomid - canceled
IUI#2 - Nov'07 - 100mg Clomid - failed
IUI#3 - Dec'07 - 150mg Clomid - underway....

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