Sunday, December 16, 2007


The last 3 days or so, I've felt like my stomach was pumped full of air. This is different than the "pelvic fullness," which is definitely around my ovaries. This pain is higher up in my abdomen, and is making my entire stomach feel oddly firm to the touch (S. said it feels like I developed amazing body-builder stomach muscles in just one week). The bloating is coupled with overall pain, which feels like some sort of cross between over-eating and gas. Blech.

I've done some web searches, and of the pages I've found, half of them mention abdominal bloating and pain as a "normal" side effect, along with the hot flashes and headaches. The other half of the web pages take a much more alarmist approach, listing abdominal bloating in its own category, and urging patients to call their doctor. Annoyingly, they don't say what horrible condition the bloating is a condition of, to warrant such a reaction.

By last night, I was tempted to call Dr. M's office. But now I'm just trying to talk myself through surviving today on my own. We have an appointment tomorrow for a follicle scan, and if I can just talk to him about it tomorrow, I'll probably be fine. I hope.

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