Monday, December 17, 2007

Go, Little Follicle, Go!

My follicle scan today showed one mature follicle (19mm) so we did the trigger shot at 11am (last cycle, I barely noticed the shot, but this time it strung like crazy) and we have an IUI scheduled for 2:30 tomorrow. My uterine lining was a little on the skimpy side (7mm, putting it just outside the desired 8-13mm range, and I couldn't really see the three-striped pattern that we saw last cycle). Dr. M. said that it would probably be thick enough, but I worry sometimes that he just says that to try to paint a rosy picture. My web research seems to show that it's only a real problem if it's 6mm or lower, and it can still thicken after ovulation, since there are several days between ovulation and when the (hopefully fertilized) egg implants in the lining, so... I guess I have to cross my fingers and say "good enough."

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed that there was only one follicle (on my left side, like I couldn't have seen that coming), and I'm a little worried about the endometrial thickness, but overall not bad. Today is Cycle Day 14, so we're more on track of a "normal" length cycle, since the follicle matured several days earlier than last month. IUI tomorrow. Trigger shot should clear my system by December 25. Pregnancy test around December 30. So, we should know the result of the cycle by New Year's.

In the mean time, the hCG shot knocked me out for the day, took away all appetite, and made me fairly nauseous for the afternoon. By this evening, I was in a lot of pelvic pain, too. Another day of getting nothing done at work (kinda lucky I still have a job, at this point).

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled pelvic fullness....

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