Friday, January 25, 2008

The Blueberry

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a great website slide show. It displays, week by week, the approximate size of a growing fetus as compared to various types of produce. Five weeks along? You've got a sesame seed! Six weeks? You've graduated to a lentil! We are currently in the well-known blueberry stage, eagerly awaiting our advancement to kidney bean in just a few days.

Some of the comparisons are a little bizarre. I don't know about you, but telling me that I've got something the size of a rutabaga in me actually tells me nothing at all, since I very seldom examine rutabaga. And something that I will eventually need to push out of me should never, ever be compared to a pineapple. Because seriously: ouch. (As opposed to a stalk of Swiss chard; that's easier to imagine giving birth to.)

For the most part, though, the comparisons have been a lot of fun, and surprisingly helpful for S. and me. As I was feeling increasingly sick last week, S.'s refrain of "Blame the lentil" often managed to bring a smile to my face. And telling S. that "The blueberry wants more chicken soup" turns out to be more effective than asking him to get it for me.

So, after kidney bean, we need to get through grape and kumquat before our next appointment (11 weeks, also known as "fig"). So I still have a little time to figure out what a kumquat is.

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