Thursday, January 10, 2008


I must apologize. This blog seems to be leaning heavily to the boring these days. Not that I'm complaining -- the lack of interesting things to talk about is a side effect of finally being pregnant (hence no emotionally wrought tirades about failing to conceive) and, happily, having very little to report about the pregnancy. No real morning sickness yet, but I have been feeling increasingly queasy, especially in the evenings. Still tired, though not as bad as last week. Incredibly bloated, which I attribute to my sudden desire to eat tons of salty foods (though I am trying hard to cut back, and to drink as much water as I can swallow). And then there's my breasts. Holy cow, my breasts! Definitely tender to the touch, particularly around the nipples, and swollen beyond recognition. I'm barely into my 5th week, and I had to go buy new bras, one cup size bigger. Wow.

We leave tomorrow morning. I probably won't update while we're gone, unless I suddenly start puking my brains out.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I had been worrying senselessly over the lining, so it was good to hear that mine was similar to yours at trigger! And woohoo on finally being preggo!


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