Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hallelujah, everything is fine. We had our 11 week appointment this morning, and everything is proceeding exactly as it's supposed to be. We are "right on the cusp" of when people start to be able to hear a heartbeat through Doppler, but after trying for 30 seconds or so, Dr. M. just pulled out the ultrasound machine instead. Over ultrasound, we not only verified that the heartbeat is just fine (thank goodness) but we were also treated to images of the baby swimming around. We saw a great straight-on view of the baby looking back at us, kicking its little legs around, as well as a beautiful profile view where we could make out arms (in a "boxer" pose), moving legs and torso, and full facial profile that even I could recognize. (No Rorschach Test skills needed.) Crown-to-rump measurement came in at 11w1d, +/-4d, so we are perfectly on schedule.

As for me, I've gained exactly 0 pounds, and my blood pressure is exactly what it was a month ago, smack dab in the middle of the normal range. I've never felt so average in my entire life.

The upcoming medical milestones include a nuchal translucency scan in about 2 weeks (I need to call to schedule that...) and a normal prenatal visit at 15 weeks. Other "milestones" between now and then: a trip to visit my family, which will allow us to tell my parents about the pregnancy in person, and my birthday (31) which moves me from being "thirty" to being "in my thirties" (I'm told that some of my friends stressed about that particular transition, though I think that I stressed enough last year about turning 30 that I'm all out of age stress, at least until 40).

I told Dr. M. about my brief panic a few weeks ago when I started feeling "too good," and he said that was totally normal. He informed me that, from here on out, if I felt good, it was normal, and if I felt crappy, that was normal, too. No worries either way. Which sounds good to me.

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