Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nothing new

I have absolutely nothing to report. My complete lack of appetite continues. My disgust with most normally edible food continues, except sadly, it no longer applies to deserts (a rather dangerous situation...). Also, I apologize for the cliche, but I've been eating a lot of pickles. The food that has been disgusting me the most since week 7 (chicken) has now been joined by beef (it's been tasting really gross for the past several days) which leaves me with very few options for actually getting some protein into my system. I'm hoping this will all go away in another week or two, so I'm not too concerned about it yet, but at some point, I'll need to face this one.

The nausea continues every afternoon, and by the time I want to go to bed, I usually feel too sick to comfortably lie down, so falling asleep sucks. Eating a small snack before bed no longer helps at all. Also, I've been getting bad headaches again, and not being able to take any pain killers really sucks, but these might be caused by the weather more than the pregnancy, so there's some hope that they will go away.

That's about it. NT scan is a week from Monday. My birthday is the day after that. We fly to visit my family two days after that. And then we can hopefully start announcing to the world that we're pregnant.

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