Sunday, February 10, 2008

Freaking out a little less

I think that it's possible that I'm still pregnant, though I'm not 100% convinced. (S. is using his "father's intuition" to try to ease my fears, but I'm not sure that I completely believe him.) After feeling physically great all day Thursday and most of Friday, I felt sick again by Friday night. Not sick like I had been, but a bit sick nonetheless. I wasn't nauseous, but I did feel sick to my stomach, more like my digestive system was out of whack. And I had a killer migraine, the first one since becoming pregnant. My breasts still felt remarkably non-sensitive, but my over-sensitive sense of smell had returned. (It came back in the middle of dinner at a restaurant, with the disgusting smell of salmon and onions wafting to me from ... somewhere.)

Saturday repeated much like Friday. I felt fine all morning and afternoon, only to feel headache-y and stomachache-y by evening, soon followed by the worst bloating and heartburn that I've ever had (despite barely eating all day). Today is another repeat so far. I woke up feeling fine, though I have almost no appetite. And thankfully, there has still been no bleeding, so maybe it really is just that the worst of the morning sickness subsided ahead of schedule and I'm actually just incredibly lucky.

When I started feeling sick again Friday night, S. looked honestly relieved and said, "I'm so glad!" which earned him a glare from me. I'm now in the less than desirable position of guaranteeing that I won't be happy at all until my next appointment in 9 days. If I'm feeling sick, the pregnancy is probably fine, but I'm miserable because, well, I feel sick. And if I'm not feeling sick, I'm convinced that something is wrong, which also makes me miserable. Hence the guarantee.

S. and I have been repeating this conversation over and over for the past 2 days:

me: "I feel so sick and crappy."
S: "I'm so sorry."
me: "No you're not. Liar."

Poor guy. It turns out that there is no response to "I feel so sick and crappy" that doesn't get him glared at.

Today is 9w5d. Next appointment is at 11 weeks even.

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