Friday, February 15, 2008

All clear, genetically

The results of S's blood test are in, and he is not a carrier for the genetic mutation that I carry, so we have been cleared of worries on the genetic front. With that hurdle behind us, we can focus on the next goal: hearing a heartbeat through Doppler at Tuesday's appointment. Given the return of my nausea this week, though, I'm less concerned than I was a week ago that something has gone wrong. It's nice to feel hopeful again.

My job between now and Tuesday: to stay busy. I have several work-related tasks that I'd like to finish, and even more house-related tasks to get through. (Wow this place turns into a pigsty awfully fast when I'm too sick to clean!) We have no big plans for this weekend, other than bringing some big loads of stuff to the recycling center and to Good Will. Once we start to accumulate baby stuff, I'd like to (at worst) keep the house junk-neutral. Actually, I have a dream where we get rid of so much crap over the next few months that, even with the addition of baby gear, there ultimately is less stuff in the house in October than there is now, but that's probably just a fantasy.

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  1. I'm also starting to worry about the amount of space we need to clear out. How on earth am I going to convince my DH to part with all the things he needs to? Ack! But hey at least I get to think about it now. I hadn't let myself for so long.


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