Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today I am 12w0d, which means that I have finished my first trimester (by most books... apparently some people count the first trimester to 13 weeks, which is what I had always assumed, but I figured I might as well give myself credit for finishing something). Last night, I walked around the house saying things like, "Good news! In 1 hour 36 minutes, my first trimester will be over, so in 1 hour 37 minutes, this pesky morning sickness should clear right up!" I also held a lime from our tree up to my lower abdomen and told S. to say hello to his unborn child. I'm lucky that he's still willing to put up with my weirdness after all these years.

I'm beginning to notice that it's not just the appearance, taste, and smells of food that are bothering me lately. It's also texture. I tried to eat a muffin this morning, and it just felt ... wrong ... in my mouth. The list of foods that I'm willing to eat shrinks again.

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