Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Warranted or not, I have officially decided to assume that everything is fine. On a daily basis, I continue to go through very, very brief periods of time (typically about an hour, mid-morning) when I am ravenously hungry, followed by absolutely no desire to eat anything the rest of the day, culminating in nausea, heartburn, bloating, and occasional cramps by evening. And every day, around 3-4pm or so, I completely crash and need to lay down for a while. Other than the fact that the nausea is much more mild and short-lived than it was in weeks 6-9, this all sounds incredibly normal.

I am 10w0d today (double digits! woo hoo!) and my next appointment is in one week. The drama and worry of the past week made time pass very, very slowly, but I'm hopeful that this week will go more quickly, and then we can finally get some official medical reassurance that everything is okay.

I am also getting more and more anxious to start telling people about the pregnancy. Yesterday, my father again started pressuring me to have children, and I had to deflect him with jokes (Stephen Jay Gould's theory of regression to the mean, and how it implies that there's a good chance our kids will be dumber than us; my dad did not find it amusing, even though it is one of S's favorite abuse-of-math-and-science arguments). I'm also suddenly getting a lot of long-term planning things coming up at work, and I don't know how to properly respond without either taking on tasks that I know I won't be able to finish because of maternity leave, and also not uncharacteristically making excuses that will cause people to start assuming things. Actually, most of my coworkers are more likely to think that I'm planning to quit than to think that I'm pregnant, but I don't really want them assuming that, either.

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  1. Congrats on reaching double digits! You're a quarter of the way through already!


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