Monday, February 25, 2008

An announcement (not ours)

Yesterday, our good friends C. and S. announced that they are pregnant with their first, due (wait for it...) September 8, one day before us. They announced in front of a group of our friends, so we waited until we were alone with them, then privately told them about our similar (though not yet public) news. We had a hunch that they were pregnant, too, and guessed that they were due sometime before us, but never would have expected the due dates to be so close. I got my first positive HPT on Dec. 30, and we then spent New Year's Eve with C. and S. Not only did C. reach for the sparkling cider (which we had brought) instead of the champagne, but as midnight approached, she looked exactly as exhausted as I felt.

Talking with C. later in the day yesterday, it was remarkable how similar our pregnancy experiences have been so far. Constant nausea morphed into afternoon/evening-only nausea a few weeks ago. A 2-day panic from suddenly feeling "too good." Problems finding things to wear to work that look appropriate for professional life but without giving away the news quite yet. A sister-in-law who is also pregnant and due several weeks before her. And, though we have different doctors, they are both members of the same medical group, and we plan to deliver at the same hospital, so hopefully we'll be able to take all of the necessary labor and parenting classes together. Woo hoo!

As S. and I were doing chores around the house yesterday, we kept grinning at each other and commenting how excited we are at the prospect of having friends nearby to chat with about everything. All good.

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  1. It is nice to have somebody to go through everything together with. Well besides DH's I mean.


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