Saturday, March 1, 2008

Second trimester really is better

It occurred to me last night that I haven't been nauseous for a few days. Woo hoo! I've been having more indigestion and heartburn, mainly in the evenings, but a small glass of milk has been helping immensely, so it is not as bothersome as the nausea. I'm not as disgusted by most food anymore, though my appetite is still tiny (and chicken is still disgusting). And I still feel like I'm having trouble concentrating. I'm particularly bad at stringing together sentences; I keep getting stuck mid-sentence, hunting for the right word, and my attempt to finish an important document for work this week was completely stymied by my inability to write coherently. I feel particularly cheated that I'm still so exhausted. I was promised a second-trimester energy boost! Where's my boost?

Today is 12w4d. NT scan is Monday. We'll hopefully be calling up S's family on Wednesday to tell them the news. Then we fly to visit my family on Thursday. The end of the secrecy is in sight!


  1. welcome to the second trimester! Good luck with the NT. Glad secrecy is almost over!

  2. Good luck with the NT Scan! Mine is next week, and I can't wait...only because it means another look at Spot.


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