Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today is 14 weeks. By all possible measures, I am into my second trimester, more than a third of the way there. To celebrate, I've been feeling nauseous again.

We've told most of our friends about the pregnancy, and have started to get tons of advice (books, purchases, hospitals, etc). The most disturbing thing that I found out today: a friend of mine had the same insurance as us when she had her son. She was really pleased with the coverage until she got the bill after her delivery, to find out that only one thing wasn't covered: she had to pay for her epidural out of pocket, because her insurance deemed it as "optional." If a patient has any other type of procedure, pain medication is considered a normal, necessary part of proper care, but for labor, apparently pain medication is beyond the normal scope. What the hell?! That really pissed me off. My friend said that she would have called to argue, but she was too busy caring for a newborn, so she just paid the bill. Which makes me think that it's a total scam, because they know that new parents are probably easy targets. But me? I'm gearing up for a fight.


  1. that is truly just stupid and ridiculous

  2. Does your friend work for the same employer? If not, then check into the details of your own plan. Even if the insurer is the same, there may be differences in the coverage that each of your employers has purchased.

    And congrats on being really, truly, definitely in the 2nd tri! The lack of agreement as to when each trimester ends/starts really irritates me especially as I'm approaching that mark myself.

  3. Same employer, same insurance. My friend's husband works with my husband, and we're both covered under their insurance. But even if they were different, I'd be outraged on her behalf.


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