Monday, March 10, 2008

Spreadin' the News

We are back from visiting family and, as S. likes to say, we are officially out of "stealth mode." A few fun reactions when we told people:

S's parents: As predicted, S's mom screamed. She also said something like, "We've been wanting this for such a long time, but we would never have said so to you, because we didn't want to pressure you." Considering she was one of the worst offenders in the pressure department, that reaction was kind of ridiculous. I wonder if she actually believes it.

S's sister: S. told her "You're going to be an aunt!" Her reaction: "You guys are getting a dog?" Thanks for the vote of confidence, sis.

My parents: We taped an ultrasound photo to the inside of my mom's birthday card, then told her that her present wasn't ready yet so we only had a picture (and that she had to share it with Dad). She was speechless and crying. My dad saw it and said, "Is this what I think it is?" We laughed because, honestly, what else could it be? Or so I thought. Until...

My grandfather: We showed him the same ultrasound and card that we gave to my parents. He stared and stared, then said, "What is this? It looks like an x-ray of a pair of shorts." I'm still not quite sure where he got that from. We eventually had to come right out and tell him.

We got back home last night, and this morning, I told both of my advisors at school. They both had the same reaction, which included commending me on my excellent timing (getting most of my graduation requirements out of the way first, and being due between quarters). As if I carefully planned the timing. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. At least they're both being extremely supportive.

Overall, it has been less than 1 week since we started widely telling people. We have already had the following cliched comments:
  • One person (my aunt) has already said, "Surely you're dropping out of school and quitting your job now, right? You have to do what's best for the baby. What kind of priorities do you have?" That didn't take long. Let the guilt trips begin!
  • One person (S's father) already made reference to our second child. We had heard that the pressure for #2 often starts pretty quickly after #1, but we thought that we'd at least have until the birth.
  • One person (my mom) has already used the phrase "delicate condition" to explain why I really shouldn't be doing something. In this particular case, it was walking to a neighbor's house, because it was icy and I might slip. Instead, she wanted me to drive. Next door. I had to remind her that I've been walking pretty good for the past 30 years or so.
  • Two people (S's mom and my parents' neighbor) have already made decisive predictions about the baby's gender, based on my symptoms (dizzy spells and desire for pickles, respectively). The bad news: the two of them came to opposite conclusions. The good news: one of them must be right!
Fun stuff. Six more months to go!


  1. I love hearing all the various comments you got! I was cracking up, especially over your MIL and grandfather. When my DH told his grandmother who has been pressuring us for years, she said "Oh I really want a granddaughter! But I'd be okay with a boy too".'d better take whatever you get, honey!


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