Friday, April 4, 2008


S. had a dream last week. He was meeting coworkers for lunch, and they ordered a bottle of wine. As he was enjoying his glass of red, he suddenly stopped cold, realizing that he wasn't supposed to be drinking wine, because he's pregnant. And sure enough, he looked down to see his obviously pregnant stomach bulging in front of him. It then dawned on him that he had a beer last week. And a glass of whiskey a few days before. All without regard to his pregnancy and the health of his unborn child.

Now, I'm sure that many men, while their wives are pregnant, have dreams that they themselves are pregnant instead. But here is where S.'s dream took (I think) a bizarre turn. In his dream universe, either one of us could have been carrying the child, but we had some sort of family discussion and decided (decided!) that he should do it. So at this point in his dream, he became very upset. Not at himself, for drinking the alcohol, but at me, for letting him carry the child. In his dream, he yelled, "See! This is why Nicky is supposed to be pregnant, not me! I told her I wasn't as responsible as her, and now look what she made me do!" Then he woke up, still mad at me.

There's nothing quite like being pregnant, having a crappy night's sleep, and waking up to discover that your husband is mad at you for making him pregnant.

By the way -- thank you to everyone who commented or sent me email about my rolling balls of light. With regard to the possibility of high blood pressure: every checkup has shown my blood pressure to be smack dab in the middle of the normal range, so I'm thinking that you're all right: it's the migraines. Which is good, because there's probably nothing serious wrong (though I will bring it up at my next appointment). But it also sucks, because escalating migraines with no pain relievers in sight is a scary, scary prospect.

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