Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dangerous News

Know how to almost send an 8-months-pregnant Wisconsin gal into early labor? Announce that Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets. I seriously did have several contractions in a row upon hearing the news. (But no, nothing serious.)

I'll admit that I'm glad, if he was going to be traded, that at least he'll be playing for an AFC team that the Packers will likely never have to face. Which means that I can cheer both for the Packers as a team, and individually for Favre, without there being any conflict of interest. And, after weeks of uncertainty, I'm happy that at least the situation is resolved.

But still, it hurts. A lot.

On a related note: the first game of the season is the Packers vs. the Vikings in Green Bay on September 8, with the game being aired on ESPN. Those of you who are really paying attention will note that this is only one day before my September 9 due date. I'm excited to see the game, but well aware that I might be, um, otherwise occupied that evening. My parents helpfully volunteered that, even if I'm in labor, I could still watch the game, which would be an excellent distraction from the pain, as long as the hospital gets ESPN. So, when we took our hospital tour, S helpfully piped up and asked the nurse giving the tour whether the rooms got ESPN. And, as would be predicted when a husband asks such a question, all 30 people on the tour immediately made fun of him. S protested that he was asking for ME, not for himself, which is very much true (he was never much of a sports fan; I taught him everything he knows about football, and he only cheers for the Packers to avoid marital discord). But really, who's gonna believe that the red-blooded American husband is asking about ESPN not for himself, but for his pregnant wife? Nobody believed him. And I was too entertained by the entire situation to speak up on his behalf.

PS -- yes, the hospital does get ESPN. So as long as the site of Brett Favre in a Jets uniform doesn't seriously send me into an early labor in the next few weeks, we're covered.


  1. As a Pats fan, this news seriously stresses me out. QB has long been the Jets weakest link. The AFC East no longer looks like such a cakewalk.

    And it didn't occur to P or I to ask what channels the rooms get on our hospital tour, but all the Pats games in August and September are on local TV, so I suppose we're okay. (And, of course, the one Pats game on the NFL Network, which we don't get, is the Jets game.)

  2. As you semi rejoice -i mourn. I am not a GB fan but married a man from GB who is a fan - we could get along because I LOVE Favre! Now, I still love Favre but would have loved him more as a Buc!

    I am glad you will get ESPN if you so desire

  3. The whole Farve/Green Bay debacle has been crazy to watch. I'm sorry you don't get to see him in GB next year, but at least he isn't in the same division.


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