Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fertility Summary

This little timeline used to be a sidebar on my main page, but once LL reached several months, it didn't make sense anymore. So, I cut it out and back-dated it into an entry for sometime after LL was born, so that it would at least be recorded somewhere.

June'03: S and I get married
Aug'05: we start trying
Sep'06: we try harder...
Mar'07: we drive ourselves nuts trying
Sep'07: we finally see a doctor, the wonderful Dr. M
Sep'07: S's sperm analysis: normal
Oct'07: my HSG: totally clear
Oct'07: my bloodwork: normal
Oct'07: IUI#1, 50mg Clomid: canceled (no follicles)
Nov'07: IUI#2, 100mg Clomid: negative (two follicles, mature slowly)
Dec'07: IUI#3, 150mg Clomid: one follicle, textbook cycle, due 9/9/08
Sep'08: LL born 9/19/08!

Sep'09: we start trying again
Jan'10: IUI#1, 150mg Clomid: canceled (no follicles)
Mar'10: IUI#2, 200mg Clomid: canceled (one follicle, never matured)
Apr'10: IUI#3, 200mg Clomid: one follicle, late to mature but good enough! due 1/9/11
Jan'11: Kermit born 1/7/11!

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