Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week Nine (November 21)

LL turned two months old in Week Nine! This milestone meant two things. First, more professional photos! LL had a great time posing for his photos this time, so we got a lot of great ones where LL is all smiles. Second, he had his two month pediatrician appointment with Dr. K, which included the first big batch of vaccines. The vaccines went well -- the three injected ones made him cry a little, but as soon as they gave him the oral one he calmed down and happily sucked it down. So, oral vaccines join thrush medication and bad kosher wine on the list of bizarre things that LL thinks are delicious. Later in the day, I did give him a single dose of infant Tylenol (which he also loved) when he was being particularly fussy, but other than that, step one of vaccination seemed to go very smoothly.

LL's measurements put him right at the 50th percentile for weight, but at the 70th for length and head size. The big head we knew about (hence, the c-section). But long and lean I didn't see coming, considering that I'm more the short plump type myself.

We kept up the sleep log again this week, and our routine was really coming together. He was getting better about going right back to sleep after eating in the middle of the night, so more often than not, he was getting the 14+ hours of sleep each day that we wanted him to be getting. This was my second week home alone with LL, even more so since S had some out-of-town coworkers visiting this week. His long meetings at work meant that he left early in the morning and stayed at work late, not coming home until after I had put LL to bed for the night. I know that S hated not seeing LL much this week, but left on my own, I was really starting to build my confidence in taking care of LL. Confidence and a routine, just in time to leave for Thanksgiving and mess everything up....

One additional first for this week: LL's first Shabbat service. LL had been to several religious services, both for holidays and for his bris, but he had never been to a weekly Shabbat service at our synagogue. We brought him this week, for my grandmother's yartzeit. (A yartzeit is the anniversary of someone's death, when the prayer for mourning is said to honor the memory. This was the yartzeit for the grandmother that LL is named for.) He was alert and quiet through the entire service, except for one moment of silence during which he let out a giant burp. He's quite the delicate flower, our LL.

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