Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week Four (October 17)

On our own at last! Week Four was the first week without visitors, and it really did feel like the first time that I got to spend real quality time with my son. It was a fun week, too. LL noticed a toy for the first time, as we found him staring intently up at his mobile while lying in his crib. When we turned it on, he also gave his first true smile, which we were lucky enough to capture on film. Social smiles weren't quite reliable yet (it was still tough to coax them out of him) but given the right stimulation (usually his mobile or a brightly colored toy or tickling him on his cheek) it was possible. It felt great to finally get some positive feedback!

Overall, this was a quiet week at home. S and I barely left the house, relishing in just being home alone with our son. We didn't even have to cook, since the grandparents had left us with a freezer full of food. Good times! By the end of the week, I felt pleasantly replenished, and ready to face what turned out to be several hectic weeks to come.

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  1. It's nice to have that quiet time with just you, baby and husband! And it's great that the grandp's left food. I'm sure LL is growing big and changing daily! Enjoy every little man is nearly 3 months old now, and I just don't know where all that time went ;)


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