Monday, December 22, 2008

Week Six (October 31)

Week Six was a tough one, since this was also Thrush Week -- the time when breast feeding suddenly and unexpectedly became painful. Thankfully, we met with a lactation consultant (a good one!) and the problem resolved quickly. LL also gained enough by this week to break the 10 pound barrier (double digits!) and was really starting to fill out and plump up.

For LL's first Halloween, we first had coffee with some members of my New Mom's Group. From there, we met S at his office for a Halloween Party, so that LL could meet S's coworkers (and show off his costume -- he was a peapod, very healthy). When we got home, we went trick or treating, just stopping by to visit two neighbors we're friendly with. Mainly, we just wanted to be able to say that LL went trick or treating. He promptly fell asleep when we got home, and then slept through all of the doorbells for the rest of the night.

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