Sunday, February 22, 2009

When You Have a Tooth, the Whole World is ...

... yours for the chewing, apparently.

Milestone! Milestone! LL has a tooth! At the ripe old age of 5 months 3 days, he has gained the ability to Chew On Stuff. Both LL and I would be very excited about this new development, except for two important facts:

1. Apparently, sprouting a very hard tooth through very soft tender gums for the first time is rather unpleasant. LL started the process by just being fussy and drooling a lot, and he has now progressed to really pathetic crying jags several times a day. It's very sad. The only thing that makes him feel better is Chewing On Stuff.

2. LL is very particular about what Stuff he wants to Chew On. We have a wide assortment of teething toys, all of which he has rejected. We tried cold wet washcloths. We tried small ice cubes wrapped in cloth. All rejected. The only things he wants to Chew On are things that he was already putting in his mouth before the eruption of the tooth. Pacifiers are okay to Chew On. (He pulls them from his mouth and chews on the hard handles.) His own fingers are okay to Chew On. My fingers are sometimes okay to Chew On. But you know what his very favorite thing to put in his mouth has always been? My breasts. See where I'm going here?


  1. Yes I do! At first, i obliged, then i got bit so hard i said lots of 4 letter words. We tried all the teething toys and tricks with no luck either. MT prefers fingers and the back of his paci also. I saw last week that gerber has a teething paci.

    Congrats LL and good Luck

  2. LOL. And I second Amanda's "ouch!"

    Nicky, I know you're super busy with the baby and everything, but if you get a chance I would love it if you could email me about your decision to get pregnant during grad school and what it's been like to do both things at the same time. I read through your archives, but unless I missed something you never really talked about what led to the initial decision to start trying.

    If you have the time and motivation, I'm at :)

  3. Ugh. Ouch. I'm not looking forward to that at all.


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