Monday, January 11, 2010


Our entire household is getting over a cold. LL started it, with a cold right after Thanksgiving that has stuck around as a persistent cough ever since. He passed it to me, where it was only ever a cough, but I've had it for over three weeks now. And S developed a cough just this past week. Fun stuff. We've periodically checked in with Dr. K, LL's pediatrician, who assured us that coughs last forever, don't worry about it, but call if anything changes. So when LL was up all night on Thursday and posted a 102+ fever on Friday morning, we gave her a call. She told us that one of two things was probably going on: (a) most likely, LL had caught a new cold, and we'd see him quickly develop other symptoms, like a runny nose; or (b) LL's existing illness had taken a turn for the worse, likely resulting in pneumonia. She told us to watch him for 24 hours and hope (yes hope!) that he developed new symptoms. Otherwise, bring him in so that she could check his lungs.

When the fever went above 103 on Saturday, with no new symptoms other than an incredible lethargy that had me carrying him in a mei tai all day with his head resting on my chest while he clutched his beloved froggie blanket, we brought him to the urgent care clinic. No pneumonia, thank goodness, but he has a nasty virus in his lungs, which we got to see in all its glory on a chest x-ray. Dr. K prescribed lots of fluids and rest, and sent us home to wait it out. He's still a little lethargic, but his fever broke yesterday afternoon, and his appetite is starting to return, so we think that he's finally on the mend. This kid is going to have built up one heck of an immune system by the time he hits kindergarten.

Incidentally, LL loved getting the chest x-ray. He thought the equipment in the radiology room was really cool. The tech needed him to raise his arms over his head for one of the x-rays, and was explaining that we should ignore his protests and force him to do it, but when the tech was ready to take the picture, S and I just yelled "touchdown!", LL raised his hands over his head, the x-ray was taken, and then LL clapped. Easy peasy.

LL got lots more chances to celebrate touchdowns on Sunday, Packers v Cardinals wildcard game. Highest scoring playoff game in NFL history! Too bad it ended with such a heartbreaking loss. Not the game I was expecting, and certainly not the ending I was expecting. So sad.


  1. Awww... I'm sorry that LL was sick. Glad it wasn't anything super serious. That is so cute about "Touchdown" -- I bet you'll be telling that story for years to come!

  2. Them stinkin' Packers.. Why come from behind just to blow it in the end? Hmmm??

    I hope you all are feeling better soon.

  3. Poor LL! The kid just can't catch a break illness wise. Sorry about the Packers too. I'd much rather have seen them win rather than Arizona.


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