Monday, May 10, 2010

Things that Sucked Today

1. Getting into an accident on the freeway this morning because the stupid car behind me didn't notice that everybody in front of them, including me, had already come to a stop.

2. Thinking that I could drive to work once the police finished writing up their report, only to discover that I had a flat tire, which necessitated me pulling over into a random parking lot off an unnamed frontage road.

3. Both the tow truck driver and the rental car guy getting lost on their way to meet me.

4. My cell phone company having an area-wide outage just then, resulting in my cell phone, and the cell phones of a few strangers that I managed to flag down, being completely unable to either make or receive calls. Thus, the tow truck driver and the rental car guy were both trying to call me to figure out where I was, but I didn't receive any of their calls, and I was unable to call them to figure out what was going on once I realized that I'd been waiting an awfully long time. Thanks for nothing, AT&T.

5. The tow truck guy arriving before the rental guy, requiring me to empty my car of all of my belongings, including LL's car seat, into the middle of the parking lot, then sit with them in the rain while I waited for the rental car. The tow truck guy was kind enough to contact the rental car place for me using his phone, to give them better directions, but was not kind enough to let me wait in his truck out of the rain. Because, you know, he has a schedule to keep.

6. The rental car company arriving with barely enough time to get me a car and get me back on the road to make it to the doctors appointment that I'd quickly scheduled immediately after the crash. How silly of me to think that 3+ hours would be plenty of time to make it to the appointment less than a mile away from the site of the accident.

7. My doctor informing me that, if I was already feeling whiplash pain in my neck so soon after the accident, I'm probably going to be feeling a whole heck of a lot of pain for the next several weeks, but because I'm first-trimester pregnant, I can only take Tylenol.

8. My doctor becoming extremely concerned about some tenderness in my lower back. She thinks it's possible that I fractured my back, but the only way to be sure would be to take an x-ray, which is a no-no during early pregnancy.

9. The orthopedic consult ordered by my doctor being booked for the next several months. They're going to try to fit me in sometime in the next week or two, but in the mean time, I've been told to report immediately to the emergency room if I feel any numbness in my legs.

10. Discovering that my local drug store is sold out of Tylenol.

On the plus side, I'm not having any spotting or cramping, so it's possible that my little apple seed is still safe and sound for now.


  1. Man, what a sucky day. Might I recommend a soak in the tub -- can't be too hot, I guess, but when I was in an accident during an interview (yeah, it sucked!) I remember a soak in the tub really helped.

  2. Oh my! That sounds like the day from hell.
    Glad to hear the little bean seems safe and sound. And yeah, bummer about the whole tylenol recall.. At least there is always generic.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, and hope the car is too.

  3. Oh that suck arse! I"m so sorry and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the apple seed is fine

  4. First of all, HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on getting yourself knocked up!! I am so freakin' excited for you. :D

    But sorry about your sucky day, how horrible. I hope you don't have a fracture or anything else too serious/painful. :P I have faith your baby is just fine (there's a lot of padding in there, keeping shim safe) but it still sounds awful.


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