Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

What is the deal with little boys and trains? Is there seriously something inherent to little boy brains that makes them fascinated by trains? LL yells "Choo! Choo!" every time we go by train tracks, as if he's trying to summon the train. He lines up crackers on his tray and says "Choo! Choo!" as he pushes them along. He makes his own trains out of blocks. He's obsessed. (Also, he has made it very very easy to figure out what to buy him for his birthday.)

LL ate half a grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant this weekend. He normally refuses to eat restaurant food (other than fruit), so this was a major accomplishment.

How is it that a little boy who hates tomatoes, hates tomato sauce, and generally refuses to eat anything red, lest it be related to tomatoes, has suddenly developed a love of V8? I'm torn between encouraging it (yay, a vegetable!) and discouraging it (ack, that's a lot of sodium!).

Did I mention that we finally took LL for his first haircut? His curls were getting way out of control, impossible to comb, and we could have put him in pigtails if we were so inclined. (It never looked long, because the curls were pretty tight, but when you stretched out the curls, you could see that it was actually quite long.) I'm too much of a chicken to cut it myself, so we took him to a kid's haircut place where he got to sit on a motorcycle and play while they cut his hair. They cut and cut and cut, and then I asked them to cut some more, and there was a huge pile of hair on the floor when they were done, and yet... he looks exactly the same. The curls are a little better defined, because they cut off much of the older baby frizz. And it's definitely easier to comb. But he still looks like a cocker spaniel from behind.

We told Natasha today that LL is going to be a big brother, and her immediate reaction was, "Of course, I've known that you were pregnant since that day a few months ago when you looked different." (Yeah, I was only 4 weeks pregnant then.) Then she told me that she had a dream last week that I was having a girl. I've decided not to doubt her.

LL has a girlfriend, a little girl at daycare named Eve. They are one month apart in age, and they do everything together. Natasha claims that they even poop at the same time each day. They will only nap if they are in cribs next to each other, and they feed each other food at snack time. Eve has the exact same curly hair as LL, in a slightly lighter brown, and they hold hands and run around together. It is beyond cute.

There is a third kid at the daycare who is around the same age as LL and Eve. Her name is Sophie. On the days when LL isn't in daycare, Eve and Sophie play together. But if LL is there, Eve only wants to play with LL. When Sophie tries to join them, Eve pushes her away so that she can have LL all to herself. (LL apparently doesn't even acknowledge that Sophie is ever around.) Natasha says that Sophie doesn't like LL, presumably because she thinks that LL is "stealing" Eve from her, but all attempts to get the three of them to all play together have failed, with Eve glaring at Sophie, Sophie glaring at LL, and LL playing quietly while remaining completely oblivious to the drama around him. It is bizarre to me that my little boy is apparently part of the popular clique at daycare.


  1. Aw, I love that he has a girlfriend at daycare. And a love triangle too. ;)

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