Saturday, February 19, 2011

LL's First Joke

Today LL invented his very first joke! We're very proud of him. Are you ready?

"What color is Baba's car?"


Insert hysterical toddler laughter here!

You see, it's funny because everybody knows that Baba's car is actually white.

The best part of the joke is watching the totally evil look on LL's face when he says what he knows to be the wrong answer, then tries for all of one second to suppress his laughter.

He followed it up with these gems:

"Mommy's car is blue!" (My car is actually gray.)

"Daddy's car is blue!" (S's car is green.)

"LL's car is blue!" (If LL had a car, I'm pretty sure that it would be red.)

He practically fell off his chair laughing at that last one. Then he very soberly informed us of the correct colors of each of the cars, because jokes are always funnier if you explain the punchline.

Let the years of bad knock-knock jokes begin....

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