Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Mother-in-Law

Dear Mother-in-Law--

Hi, remember me? You've known me for more than twelve years. I've been married to your only son for almost eight years. I'm the mother of your only two grandchildren in the whole wide world.

I wanted to remind you about a few things we've done together. Like when you visited S and me and watched him convert to Judaism. Do you also remember when I got married to S, in the big synagogue, with the rabbi speaking all the Hebrew? Or how about all those times you've celebrated Passover at our house? Or perhaps you've forgotten about all those other holidays you've celebrated at our house, in which I have made yummy roasted brisket in place of your traditional holiday ham? I'll also remind you about the repeated conversations we've had about why I don't eat spam. You also participated in bris celebrations for both of your grandsons. Any of this ringing a bell?

Because I'm curious about why, when we're staying at your house, you made ham soup for dinner, complete with big pieces of ham and chunks of pork sausage. I don't expect you to keep a kosher house while we visit, but I have explained numerous times that I really can't eat pig products.

I thought at first that, despite our long and obvious history, in which I have had to remind you many times about this single important dietary restriction, you had simply forgotten. But as we were all sitting down for dinner, you very pointedly said to me, "If you don't want to eat the dinner I made, you can just heat up some leftovers for yourself instead. I think there's some stuff in the fridge." Which kind of makes me think that you did remember, but you just didn't care. Which seems like an odd way to treat a house guest, no? Especially one that you expect to visit you often, with your adorable grandchildren in tow. Or am I just being overly sensitive?

Anyway, just curious.