Friday, November 25, 2011

400 Days Later

Here's the 400 day update to my 500 day goals. My last update before my 500 days is up! It is obvious to me that a few of these aren't going to get done, but I'm okay with that. Not great, but okay. I'm feeling fairly happy with the progress that I've made. I'm feeling less happy that I'm turning 35 in only 100 days.

1. Have two happy kids. (Done!)

2. Finish my PhD. (Done!)

3. Own a new (bigger) house. I don't see any way that this will happen in the next 100 days. I was waiting until I had a job, and we have started a few steps on this, like talking to mortgage people and realtors, but we will probably need to wait until the market picks up a bit, because there aren't very many houses on the market right now. Soon, though. We really need to move soon.

4. Work in a job that I enjoy. I start in December! I guess the jury is still out on whether I will enjoy this job, but all signs are looking good. Also, I need to remember that for every single job I've ever had, I hated it for the first month, because I am bad at transitions.

5. Bring both kids to visit my parents at least once. (Done!)

6. Bring both kids to visit my in-laws at least once. (Done!)

7. Pay off all debt except the mortgage. I still have two small undergrad loans. We have the cash on hand to pay them off right now if we wanted to, but I'm not sure whether it would be better to use that cash for our potential new house, since the interest rate on the loans is pretty low. I may just get annoyed enough that the loans still exist that I just pay them off in January when I get my first paycheck. We'll see.

8. Lose all pregnancy and fertility treatment weight from both pregnancies. (That would be 22 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight with Kermit. Right now, this means that I still need to lose 13 pounds. That is doable in 100 days, unless you consider that in the last 100 days, I only lost 2 pounds. Also, weight loss takes focus for me, and with starting the new job, this is really not where I will be focusing.)

9. Breast feed Kermit for one year. (Only made it 5 months, two less than with LL. Depressing.)

10. Cook dinner at home 5 days each week. (I'm totally rocking this one!)

11. Read 10 fiction books. (Still only at one, and it is not looking promising.  I am in the middle of a second one, though, which would technically double my count!)

12. Learn Objective-C. (I was making progress on this one, working during Kermit's naps. But then I accepted the job offer, and realized how much crap I wanted to do around the house before going back to work, and I started using nap time for all of those things, so I totally stalled out.)

13. Learn perl. (I can really only focus on learning one language at a time.)

14. Have permanent assigned "homes" for most objects in the house. (There is a lot of weeding of belongings that I've done so far, but this one really isn't going to be done until we've moved into a bigger house.)

15. Update work wardrobe. (Done! I bought new shoes! And new pants! And new shirts! Now we just need to see if I wear all the cool new stuff, or if I start getting lazy and wearing jeans every day again.)

16. Shower every day. (I'm not technically showering every day, but I am showering every other day, which is a whole lot better than the once-a-week-if-I'm-lucky that I was managing before. Also, showering every other day is better for your skin and stuff, right? Also, I have a whole post about my hair that I need to write.)

17. Wear makeup every work day. (Done! I have new makeup, I like how it looks, and I'm getting better at putting it on. It makes me look a lot less tired than I actually am.)

100 more days. Eight done, three almost done, one canceled, five kinda stalled out.  The job, the weight loss, and the paying of debts might conceivably still happen. The new house and the reading of books for fun probably won't. The learning new languages might just happen as part of the new job, which would be convenient. The big open question is the whether the cooking and the showering and the makeup and everything keep happening once I'm busy with work….


  1. Very impressive. Every time I read your list I think about make-up. I actually own some now, but I think I've worn it maybe 5 times in the past 3 years (all to weddings). BUT, I'm going to a rather fancy 5-day affair this Christmas and considering making wearing make-up my goal for the trip. There's no doubt that I'd look better, it's just overcoming the laziness factor.

  2. You are doing really well on all these. They are big goals and you have accomplished a LOT!


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