Monday, November 21, 2011


Why do I insist on jinxing myself?  What exactly did I think was going to happen when I wrote a post about children trying their best to kill themselves?  Because the obvious thing happened -- LL injured himself.  Not horribly, but enough to require an urgent care clinic and x-rays and limited activity for a few weeks, right as we're about to travel for Thanksgiving.

He was playing on the couch, nothing out of the ordinary, and then suddenly he tumbled backwards off one end.  Much crying ensued.  I cuddled and kissed and waited for the panic to go away, because usually these sorts of falls are just about being surprised, not about being injured.  This time, though… the crying continued for a long long time.  And when it stopped, LL's left arm was hanging awkwardly by his side.  And when I tried to touch his arm, the response was ugly.  So, yeah, LL dislocated his elbow.

Do you know what doctors do for a dislocated elbow?  They unceremoniously (and un-medicatedly) pop it back into place.  Which couldn't have been at all pleasant for LL.  He screamed and cried, and the doctor looked a little surprised, and then tried to hand him a lollipop, but LL was too busy burying himself into my shoulder to take it, so the doctor handed it to me and told me that she would return to the exam room in a few minutes after LL had time to compose himself so that he could be examined again.  Gotta love that bedside manner, eh?  (This was clearly not our regular doctor.)

LL is definitely on the mend, but he is very ginger with his arm, and every so often he forgets and puts some weight on it and I see him flinch a bit.  So, there's that.

The next day, S left for a four-day business trip.  I can't complain too much, because the last time he had to go on a business trip, I was pregnant with LL, so it's not like he travels a lot.  On the other hand… it does mean that I have very little practice being on my own with the kids for multiple days at a time.  I know that there are parents out there who are single parents, or who have partners who work long hours every day, or who have partners who really do travel a whole lot.  I admire that they're able to keep it together, because I don't think I could.  But the fact that S's business trip aligned with LL's injury certainly didn't help.

So, four days on my own, an injured preschooler, a teething baby… lots of fun.  I was very much looking forward to having S home again.  In particular, I was looking forward to having him take over a little of the night duty, so that I could store up a bit of sleep before I start my new job in two weeks (!).

Which brings us to the icing on the cake.  S was in a bad car accident on his way home from the business trip.  Bad.  He was carpooling with two coworkers, and he was riding in the back seat of the car, and they t-boned another car, traveling somewhere around 40 mph.  Airbags deployed, the car is totaled, but it appears that everybody will recover okay.  The driver (a friend of ours) has a heart condition and started experiencing chest pains shortly after the accident, so she's still being monitored a bit.  S had the wind knocked out of him, and you can see a bright purple outline on his hips and torso where the seatbelt crushed into him, and he's hobbling around and it hurts him to walk or bend or lift or do absolutely anything else requiring any muscle movement at all, but nothing is broken and he'll hopefully feel better in a few weeks.  But it does mean that he can't lift the kids or carry them or, you know, help me at all around the house.  So, um, not much fun around here right now.  Also, I'm sure he's very much going to enjoy sitting in a car for nine hours when we drive to Thanksgiving.

If you're curious about the accident, it is apparently a fairly rare situation where the car that hit head on, the one that S was traveling in, was not the one at fault for the accident.  They were traveling along a fairly treacherous highway through a mountain pass.  The speed limit was 45 mph, and they were heading downhill, at dusk.  They came around one of the many curves along this stretch of road to find a car seemingly parked horizontally across both lanes of the highway.  Our friend slammed on her brakes, but there was simply no room to maneuver and not enough time to react.  The police interviewed the other driver at the hospital, and he said that he was traveling the opposite direction, and decided to make a U-turn, but there wasn't room to complete the turn, so he was reversing to do a Y-turn when he was hit.  Which raises the obvious question:  Who the hell does a U-turn on a highway, before a blind curve, in a 45mph area, into oncoming downhill traffic, at dusk?

Also, this particular highway is fairly famous in this area for having a lot of car accidents, so you'd think people would be more cautious, instead of being this blatantly stupid.  I even had a premonition about this -- when S told me when he'd be coming home, I actually commented that it was really stupid of his company to ask them all to drive this particular highway at dusk to get home, since it is tricky under good conditions and none of them are used to driving it.  I asked S to try to leave an hour earlier so that they could do this particular stretch of highway at a safer time of day.  Also, when the police interviewed S, and then told him about the other driver's attempted U-turn, even the police officers were shaking their heads at the other driver's reckless stupidity.

So, in summary:  Teething baby.  Preschooler with a dislocated elbow.  Husband recovering from an ugly car accident.  New job in two weeks.  Leaving for Thanksgiving with the in-laws on Tuesday.  If anyone would like to trade places with me for a little while, please let me know.


  1. I am so sorry! Both accidents sound so scary. And I do hope that you get a little break soon before you start work again.

  2. Elizabeth fell down the stairs yesterday morning. Luckily, no injuries, but apparently the accidents are going around.

    I'm so glad that S is okay. That's a crazy thing to do on the road. It's lucky that no one was hurt any worse.

  3. So sorry to hear about both incidents. Wishing you a good trip to Thanksgiving and help from the family. Let me know if you need a break/help when you get back.


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