Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thoughts on the Redesign

So I just redid absolutely everything about my blog.  No... wait.  The content all moved.  But the name is totally different, and the page design is totally different, and the URL is totally different (fancy personalized hosted webpage!  Oooooooh...), and my profile and email address are totally different.

I'm a little freaked out to be making such a dramatic change, you know?  But once I became a bit obsessed with moving the blog, I just went all out.  (Blog redesign obsession... apparently that's what happens when S is out of town and the kids fall asleep early and there's nothing good on television.)  Anyway, here is the result.


First, please please please -- if you're a regular reader of mine, please update your blog reader or RSS feed or bookmarks or whatever to point to the new location.  Snazzy, eh?

Second, please please please please -- give me feedback on what you think of the new design.  Too cluttered?  Too white?  Too green?  Too small?  Ugly header?  One of those basic principles of design work is that user feedback is very very important.  Also, I have no aesthetic skills whatsoever.  So please let me know what I should change.

Then I can go back to talking about the usual stuff.  How LL is obsessed with his hair all of a sudden (is that normal for a three-year-old boy?).  How Kermit is biting everything he can reach.  How S went on his first out-of-town business trip since I was pregnant with LL.  How I'm kind of dreading Thanksgiving with the in-laws next week.  How excited and nervous I am to start my new job in December.  All that fun stuff.

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  1. Well, I like the green on black and the font...reminds me of my old 286 with the monochrome screen...I like the title a lot, and I like the blocks in the header and the "techie" part...but why is the cell phone there?

    love your "about me" on the right side and the Fav posts.

    Overall - good changes!


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