Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Life, By the Numbers

Yep, I've been absent. Started my new job. Helping S to recover from his car accident. Kermit is getting molars. Both kids have been sick. Chanukah started last night. Things have been busy.

Here are the numbers, which give a pretty good idea of my life right now:

Days of work so far: 13
Days during that time when I've stayed home for child-related reasons: 2
Meetings I've missed / canceled / rescheduled for child-related reasons: 4
Days I've noticed baby spit-up on my shirt many hours after arriving at work: 2

People in my extended work group: 17
Women in my extended work group, including me: 2 (I doubled it!)
Mothers in my extended work group, including me: 1
Parents in my extended work group who do not have stay-at-home spouses, including me: 2

Average total hours of sleep per night: 5
Average number of times I get out of bed for child-related issues per night: 5
Times S and his broken rib are able to handle children in the middle of the night without me: 0
Longest block of uninterrupted sleep per night, in hours, on average: 1.5
Nights so far that it has been like this: 37

Average cups of coffee consumed per day: 3
Days since our home coffee maker broke: 5
Percent of time I can solve convex optimization problems on this amount and quality of sleep, regardless of caffeine intake: 0%

Then again...

Coworkers who came up to me today, introduced themselves, wished me a happy Chanukah, and handed me a homemade sufganiyot, even though I have no idea how they even knew I was Jewish: 1
Coworkers who did that in my previous dozen years of work experience: 0

So that counts for something, too.