Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Kermit!

Who in the world allowed my baby, my little bear cub, my precious Kermit, to have an actual birthday and become a full year old?!?

Yes, the years with children always go fast. And yes, when LL turned one, I could hardly believe where the time had gone. But Kermit's first year seems to have gone even faster, a total blur of breast feeding and teething and crawling, of finishing grad school and hunting for jobs and taking care of two kids, of car accidents and unexpected hospitalizations and airplane flights and budgeting. 2011 was an insane, ridiculous year; definitely net positive, but unusual in more ways than usual, if that makes any sense at all. Added up, it means that the year sped by at warp speed, and now suddenly, it is 2012, and my baby boy is one year old.

Kermit's birthday party was today. As is our tradition, we served a collection of his favorite foods, but thanks to Kermit's insatiable appetite for anything he can fit in his mouth, we basically had all of international cuisine to choose from, limited only by what we are able to buy locally in January. We served pears and kiwi and grapes, cheerios and cubes of cheese and these little pumpkin flavored Japanese snacks that Kermit can't get enough of but we have no idea what they're called (we call them "kabocha balls" because they're round and are often flavored with kabocha squash, and I'm sure that they have a real name in Japanese, but nobody in the family knows what it is). We served bagels and muffins and hash brown casserole, and we grilled fresh Korean short ribs, mostly because our family didn't believe that Kermit really does love Korean short ribs. And I baked a cake shaped like a teddy bear, since we usually refer to Kermit as our bear cub. The cake was my first attempt at real cake decorating, which I taught myself by reading web sites and watching youTube videos, and I have to say, it turned out much better than I expected. I frosted it mostly in blue, which ended up being an interesting choice, because once Kermit was done smearing it over his entire face, efficiently coating his hair and neck and arms and ears and neck with it, he looked a bit like a fuzzy Smurf.

I don't post photos of the kids, but I'm ridiculously proud of the cake, so here's a picture of the bear. If this whole PhD career thing doesn't work out, I can always go into cake decorating. But I can only do bears:

The party got a little out of hand (40 people? 14 kids? For a one year old? Um, probably too much) but it was fun, and Kermit loved being the center of attention. He even showed off his new super power, which is the ability to take two or three steps before falling over, when he's in the mood.

He then took a long nap, watched in complete confusion while his older brother opened all his presents for him, screamed in frustration when his brother tried to play with all the toys he had just opened, ate a big dinner, had more cake, and is now sleeping happily, dreaming of a world of sugar that he never knew existed.

Happy Birthday, bear cub. I love you very very much.


  1. Happy Birthday, Kermit! I always consider the first birthday party to be more of a celebration for the parents making it through the first year, than for the kid ;)

  2. Happy birthday, Kermit!

    That cake looks amazing! Great job!

  3. I love the cake! You sure did a great job! And I sooooo cannot believe Kermit is one.

  4. Aw, Happy Birthday! Cute cake!


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