Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Huge Momentous Incredible TMI Milestone

We interrupt the sporadic blogging brought about by the simultaneous starting of the new job / husband recovering from major car accident / end-of-year holidays / horrendous sleep regression ... to report some amazing milestone-worthy news!

LL went to daycare today wearing Big Boy Underwear!

(Yes, Big Boy Underwear is required to be capitalized. LL doesn't quite understand the concept of capital letters yet, but if he did, he would insist on it. It took him approximately 6 months to shorten "Big Boy Bed" to the more commonly understood "bed." I suspect that Big Boy Underwear will take even longer.)

You may recall that we started casually potty training LL in the middle of last year, way back in June. By casual, I mean that we bought him some Big Boy Underwear, asked him several times a day if he would like to wear it, and then went along with his answer even if it meant that he carried the underwear around the house without putting it on for days at a time. We asked him if he wanted to use the potty but stayed cheerfully silent when he (quite often) responded with, "No, I want to pee in my pull-up." In other words, we took the no-stress approach. (The no-stress approach, by the way, is also the takes-forever approach. It is the sometimes-appears-like-it-will-never-happen approach. It is the you-really-can't-care-or-it-will-drive-you-bonkers approach. To use this approach successfully, you have to be really really committed to passively not caring about how long it takes. Luckily, we totally didn't care.)

For five months, LL wore underwear around the house, except, you know, when he didn't want to be bothered. He wore pullups whenever we left the house. He wore pullups at daycare. He wore pullups whenever he needed to poop. And he most definitely wore pullups while he was sleeping.

Then, about a month ago, we forgot to change him into a pullup at naptime, and yet he miraculously woke up totally dry. This seemingly tiny victory apparently gave him a taste of being a truly Big Boy, and he started wanting to wear underwear more often, specifically so that he could stay in underwear during his nap. He wore underwear to the park. He tried out bathrooms at other people's houses. He investigated bathrooms in public places. He went to the bathroom all by himself sometimes, locking the door and shrieking at us to don't come in!!! But he still insisted on changing into a pullup whenever he needed to poop.

Eventually, he asked us if he could wear underwear to daycare. And we told him, very calmly and with no pressure, that he couldn't wear underwear to daycare until he was able to poop in the potty, so he should let us know when he felt ready to do that. And waddya know, within the week, he pooped in the potty.

By the end of December, it seemed like all the pieces were in place. He could go fairly long stretches between potty breaks. He could both pee and poop in a normal-sized toilet. He went to the bathroom of his own initiative whenever he felt the urge. He could stay dry during naps. And, most important, S and I were both off work for 10 days, corresponding with LL being home while his daycare was closed for the holidays. So, the first day of our holiday break, we put him in underwear in the morning and never looked back. And for the entire 10 days, LL only wore a pullup at bedtime. He had two accidents early on, but that's it. And we went out a lot during that time, too. He wore underwear to restaurants, to shopping malls, to parties at other people's houses, on walks around the neighborhood, and to the playground.

And today, he wore underwear to daycare. And he did great. I know that kids often regress, even after being accident-free for months, but for now, Yay!!! Only one kid in diapers!* Such freedom!**

* Well, one and a half. LL wears a nighttime pull-up at night, the ones that are super industrial strength, and quite often manages to pee through it. So I don't expect to be doing nighttime training any time soon.

** Except that every time we go anywhere at all, I live in fear of LL announcing that he needs to go and I can't find a bathroom,*** so I don't exactly feel free.

*** We went on a walk once with LL in underwear, and halfway home, LL came to a sudden stop and then asked in a semi-panic whether we were almost home. I told him no, and he got a weird look on his face, then insisted that I had to carry him the rest of the way. I asked him if he needed to go potty, and he cheerfully said, "No, not anymore!" And thus I carried a pee-soaked LL the last several blocks home.


  1. Congrats to LL! I'm going to try your approach starting this summer with mijo. I don't care when he trains and I don't want to be picking up messes for months.

  2. I love the casual approach to training. It is so much easier, in my opinion. Hooray, LL!

  3. Congrats, little guy!

    Bug has peed on trees on more than one occasion, when he was being potty trained. He still calls them underdies; I'll be so sad when he stops!


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