Monday, January 9, 2012

Vacation Days

S and I were both off work for 10 days at the end of December. It is common in my industry for companies to just shut down entirely at the end of the year, which is one of my very favorite job perks. (As I told my coworkers, I'd been at work for almost three whole weeks at that point; I could really use a week off.)

Natasha's was shut down then as well, but we asked Rosie to work a few of those days so that S and I could have some rare child-free time. Thus, in addition to a full week of us both being home with the kids, S and I also had three entire days to ourselves.

What did we choose to do with this precious alone time? We rearranged our house, of course!

Kermit has been sleeping in our bedroom since he was born. He started out in a bassinet, then moved to a crib, but both were positioned at the foot of our bed. LL started out sleeping in our room as well, but we moved him to his own room when he was not quite three months old. With Kermit, however, we hit a bit of a roadblock: we didn't have a room to move him to. Our house does have a third bedroom, but it was set up as an office, by which I mean, it contained two desks, all our electronics, most of our books, huge piles of paperwork, and every piece of junk we own that doesn't have a permanent home elsewhere. The room was a disaster.

But, as we approached Kermit's first birthday, it was becoming increasingly obvious that he needed his own room, and we needed some privacy back. It was time to bite the bullet and transform the office into a bedroom. And we had three days to do it. Actually, less than three days, because S insisted that we had to have some fun during those days, too, because who knows when we'll get any alone time ever again.

But we totally did it. Over the course of three days, we emptied the room; boxed up everything that we won't need for the next 6 months or so; generated a ton of trash; stirred up enough dust that I broke out in hives; disassembled, moved, and reassembled all our office and Kermit furniture; decorated the room for an almost-one-year-old; saw two movies in actual movie theaters; and hung out in a coffeeshop for several hours. It was awesome.

And now, ta da!, Kermit has his own room. I still need to get new curtains, and I want to hang his penguin quilt on the wall, but other than that, the room is done. It's very homey, and I'm happy with how it turned out. One desk and a limited amount of office stuff is now living in our bedroom, where Kermit's crib used to be, but it is not very much, so I am pleased.

Kermit seems to have barely noticed the room. He loves crawling around and exploring his new digs, but he is not sleeping any better or worse than he was before the move. (To be clear: he was sleeping horribly before the move, and he's still sleeping horribly.) Kermit and LL now share a wall, which was not the case when Kermit was in our room, and my fears were realized the very first night when LL woke up every time Kermit cried. But LL seems to have adapted quickly, because we haven't had problems with him waking up from Kermit since then. (To be clear: LL has been waking up before 6am for a while now, which sucks, but it does not appear to be Kermit's fault.)

I'm a little sad and nostalgic not to have Kermit in our room anymore, which surprises me. LL was in our room for a far shorter period of time, and I was happy to move him to his own place. Kermit, nearly 9 months older than LL was, and probably twice the size, seems too tiny to be on his own, so far away from me. I've been obsessively checking in on him far more than I ever checked on LL. I'm hoping it's temporary. Either way, though, I'm happy that we got him into his own room in time for his first birthday. A growing boy needs his own space. Or something.


  1. Yay for time off! And way to go making that move! I felt the same way when we moved Wiggles to his new room...but he was only 4 months at the time. I guess we get attached or something :)

  2. I remember the rearranging of the office room into a bedroom. This time is going to take more effort since mijo is going to have to share his room with the new baby. Hopefully we can move before that becomes a reality though. Happy belated birthday to Kermit!


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