Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sleep. Please, Just Let Me Sleep.

Ugh, everybody has been sick. First Kermit spent several days throwing up, then LL got a runny nose and cough that was bad enough to get him quarantined from daycare for two days, then everybody was healthy for one glorious day, and then Kermit spiked a fever of 104 and cried for three days straight. We finally took Kermit to the doctor on Day Three of the fever, worried that the fever was indicating some sort of secondary infection after whatever stomach bug had him throwing up earlier in the week. Our regular pediatrician was on vacation, but the fill-in doctor acutely diagnosed, "Some sort of virus, followed by a totally different second virus. And they were both icky, bad viruses."

She was probably right. But I miss our normal pediatrician who speaks to us using words other than "icky" to describe what is going on.

Anyway, the worst of the symptoms seem to be gone now, but both kids are left with horrible hacking coughs that only appear at night when they lie down and let their sinuses drain into their throats. We tried propping LL up a bit, but he just rolls off the pillows (and flips around so that his head and feet end up reversed; why does he always manage to do that?!?). And Kermit is too small to prop. So they both end up waking themselves (and each other) up multiple times each night from the coughing. And they both require parental comfort to soothe back to sleep.

I'm so exhausted. Barely functioning. Three cups of coffee every morning and a double shot latte every afternoon and I'm still barely getting through my day.

I haven't had a full night's sleep in 18 months.

I haven't been well-rested in four years.

So tired. Seriously. Reaching a breaking point of some sort.

In related news: my friend's wedding. We investigated the suggestion of flying a grandparent with us to the wedding. My mom was very excited about it, actually. Then we discovered how expensive it would be to fly five of us to a hot vacation destination during Spring Break, plus book a large hotel room to accommodate everyone, and we decided that it was not worth it. Then S suggested, then strongly encouraged, then insisted, that I go to the wedding by myself. I think he is feeling a tad guilty that he has had a few nights away and I never have. So, I'm going to the wedding. By myself. Yay!

But honestly, the part that I am looking forward to more than anything else is the two nights alone in a hotel room, when I can go to sleep whenever I want and be positively assured that no children will be waking me up. Pure heaven! Also, I'm bringing a totally fluffy book to read on the plane. Suggestions?


  1. Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that both little guys got hit so bad! I can't imagine how you are making it through the work day. You are reminding me of one of he positives of not working (I've got to write them down I think.). What kind of books do you "usually" le to read? I can suggest better with a genre in mind, :)

  2. I hope everyone stays better! And that the coughs clear up.

    That's exciting about the wedding! I hope you get two great nights of sleep.


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