Monday, May 21, 2012

500 Days (Again)

I'll admit, it feels weird to be setting up more longish-term goals right now, when I'm barely making it day to day in pure survival mode. Still, I really want to feel like I'm doing something more productive than just figuring out dinner. So, more 500 day goals. Some of them are the same as the last 500 days, because I didn't get them done last time. Hopefully this time, they'll get done. Let's find out!

Also, I'm cheating ever-so-slightly on the actual number of days; I'm setting my goal date as LL's 5th birthday, which is slightly less than 500 days from now, since I didn't post the list in time. Not an ideal start, but oh well.

1. Have two happy kids and a happy husband. (I had the two happy kids on my last list, because when I wrote the list I was trying to get pregnant with number two. But then S got really offended that I wanted the kids to be happy and not him. So… the two kids and the husband I have, but I'll leave it as a goal for them all to be happy. Whatever.

2. Lose 50 pounds. (That's only 1 pound every 10 days. Should be infinitely doable. Embarrassingly, 50 pounds is not my ultimate goal, it's just an intermediate goal. But it will bring me to where I was when I graduated from college, which is better than where I am right now by, um, 50 pounds or so.)

3. Work in a job that I enjoy (again). (Hopefully I can just continue to mark this one off, but I'm not completely betting on the fact that I'm going to be able to stay in my current job for the next 500 days, so it's going back on the list.)

4. Buy a new (bigger) house. (Good lord, this one had better happen a lot sooner than 500 days. Especially since I'm fairly annoyed that it didn't happen in the last 500 days!)

5. Have permanent assigned "homes" for most objects in the house. (Yep, this is carried over from the last list, too. We're planning to sell/donate/eliminate a ton of stuff before moving, which will help. Having a bigger house with a decent amount of storage should help, too. But I need to get this done, because the constant clutter is driving me insane.)

6. Finish Kermit's baby book. (This one should really be "start and finish." I had LL's baby book finished by the time he was 15 months old. And I always swore that I wouldn't be one of those parents who neglected the memorabilia for the second child. So yeah, I'm going to be getting this one done.)

7. Make a real baby blanket for Kermit. (Related to the last item, kinda. I crocheted a really nice blanket for LL before he was born, and he still sleeps with it every night. I started knitting one for Kermit when I was pregnant, but I never finished it, possibly because I made the totally stupid decision to knit instead of crochet, which is never a good choice for me. So I'm going to need to just start over, I think.)

8. Decide on a preschool for LL. (This one obviously has to happen before 500 days. I'm putting it on the list just as a reminder that I need to do it.)

9. Read 10 non-parenting-related books. (Last time I said fiction, but there are several interesting political and economic books that I kinda want to read, and I want those to count. The goal here is reading for fun, and those should count.)

10. Wear sunscreen every day. (I've been slacking. Bad bad bad.)

11. Continue wearing makeup every work day. (I'm doing this now, but it doesn't feel like a real habit yet, so I'm leaving it on the list as a reminder.)

12. Wash and moisturize my face every night. (I've always had awesome skin, so it never mattered if I slacked off on this one. But I'm starting to really see my age a bit, so I should really start developing some good habits before it's too late.)

13. Shower regularly. (Last time, I said that I wanted to shower every day, which never really happened, though I did go through periods where I got to shower a bit more often. But when things get busy, I tend to lose my ability to take the time for myself to actually wash my hair. Which is disgusting. I'm not even asking for it to be every day this time. I just want it to happen on a regular basis. Ew.)

14. Eat salad for lunch 3 days/week. (Related to the weight loss thing. I eat lunch during the week in our work cafeteria, which serves a wide array of high-fat foods. My only options for controlling what I eat are either the salad bar or bringing my lunch from home. Salad bar is faster.)

15. Have a fully funded 12-month emergency fund. (We have this right now, but are likely to dip into it when we move, both because we'll be using some of the cash and because our monthly expenses will be higher because of the new mortgage. So the goal is to get back to that point again.)

16. Pay off all debt except the mortgage. (Yep, haven't paid off that student loan yet, mostly because I'm hoarding cash for the house downpayment. But once we move, I'm paying it off. Mostly because I'm embarrassed that it still exists.)

17. Bring both kids to visit my parents at least twice. (Should be easy. We already have one trip planned.)

18. Bring both kids to visit my in-laws at least twice. (Again, should be easy.)

19. Finish that iPhone app that I've been talking about for two years. (It's not going to make me a millionaire or anything, but (a) I want to figure out how to do it; (b) I'd find it really cool to have an app in the iTunes store; and (c) I really want this app on my phone and nobody else seems to be writing it.)

20. Exercise 3 times/week. (This one also goes with the weight loss one. I need to find a way to make this work in my schedule. I don't know how yet. I predict that this will be the toughest item on this list.)

For random reference, my last 500 Day Goals were posted here.

Once again, I plan to check in every 100 days. So, expect updates:
8/15/2012 (400 days left)
11/23/2012 (300 days left)
3/3/2013 (200 days left)
6/11/2013 (100 days left)
9/19/2013 (deadline!)


  1. Wow I'm impressed with your list! But one piece of advice: I wouldn't go for salad for lunch on the days that you exercised the day before, because that is just asking for eating a ton of snacks in the afternoon. Also, I hope you get to keep your job!

  2. Excellent list, again! Sometimes I am tempted to do something like this too.


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