Saturday, May 12, 2012

Toddler Fun

Ugh ugh ugh. Things are getting better, little by little. I guess. A tiny bit. My job is a little bit better, but only because I got so tired of the total dejection and apathy and disengagement all around me that I finally just showed up to work one day, gathered all of my favorite coworkers into a room together, and said, "Screw it! Our management sucks, so let's just ignore them and do what we think is important and interesting! Here are three ideas I have for projects that we could do, just us, with very few dependencies on anyone outside of this room, and we could have results to show in a month or less. Who's with me?" As far as I can tell, they were all basically waiting for someone (anyone) to start paying attention and give them some direction, and even though I'm new on the job and have zero authority, I'm better than no one. So, I now have a team. And a project. And we've made good progress on it. And a few people we've mentioned it to think that it will be really cool if we can pull it off.

Of the people working with me on it, one of their managers is clearly kind of pissed at me that I took charge of members of his team without consulting him, but whatever -- he wasn't giving them anything to do, and they were all getting ready to quit, so at least I got them re-engaged at work. One of the managers was hesitant at first, but has since asked to join the project (!). And my own manager is ... I don't know. He's hard to read. He hasn't asked me to stop and go back to what I'm "supposed" to be doing, so that's something. He seems like he's willing to give me a little bit of space, but he will probably deny all knowledge of our "rogue project" if it ends up not working. I'm okay with that for now. It is what it is.

My mother-in-law is still living with us, taking care of Kermit during the day. She's driving me crazy in many of the ways that I expected her to be driving me crazy, but eh, I'll get through it.

I'm still not getting any sleep. It is starting to be a real problem. But I don't feel like I can fix the kids' sleep until we have our house back to ourselves, so I just need to push through for a few more weeks.

BUT, work and sleep and living arrangements are not what I wanted to write about. I want to write about Kermit. Because he is so cute these days!!! Seriously. Really very cute. And I feel like I haven't given an update on him in forever, so here goes.

Kermit is 16 months old. He runs and climbs. He loves being held. He loves being tickled. He thinks everything is hilariously funny, and has the absolute best belly laugh in the whole world.

He is getting very very good at communication, even though he says very few words. He clearly understands everything. Everything. When he wants to be picked up, he does his best to climb your legs until you go ahead and pick him up. If you mention maybe possibly putting him down before he is ready to be put down, he locks his little legs around you with incredible thigh strength and digs his hands into whatever he can grab and shrieks in anger. It is nearly impossible to put him down if he doesn't want to be put down.

He shakes his head "yes" and "no" very clearly. He waves his arms to signal "all done" after meals. When he wants to read books, he gets out a book, hands it to me, then turns around and backs his little tushy into my lap and patiently waits for me to start reading. He wants to read approximately 100 books a day. (The reading is particularly remarkable because even 4 months ago he rarely sat still for a single book, and now he will sit through dozens at a time. Not sure what changed his mind about books, but he is obsessed.) He has favorite books, but will branch out to others if it means he gets to sit in your lap for longer and read. He is starting to flip through books on his own as well, though he still has a bad habit of trying to remove pages. He is obsessed with pictures of dogs.

He says "no" and "dah" (yes) and "uh oh". He went through phases where he said "car" and "look" and "Go Pack!" and "Baba" (Grandma) but they seem to have disappeared again. He does a fantastic fake "Ha! Ha! Ha!" laugh when he wants to be part of the conversation and other people are laughing. But he is multilingual, if you count animal sounds. He says "woof" and "moo" and "baaa" and "meow" and something that I can't describe in writing but it is what a fish says. Also, my very favorite: he says "cockadoodledoo!" His rooster call is without a doubt the most hilariously funny thing he does right now.

He waves bye-bye (to us when we leave; to random people in cars; to neighbors we pass while going for walks; to every single airplane that flies overhead). He blows kisses. He claps. He plays peekaboo. (He covers his eyes with his hands for peekaboo, but even better is when he runs and hides behind furniture, then jumps out with super dramatic presentation and laughs when you jump in surprise.)

He builds towers out of stacking cups. He knocks down towers made out of absolutely anything. He sorts toys into buckets for hours at a time. He loves cars. He loves hugging stuffed animals. He has a turtle puppet that he wears on his wrist like a bracelet.

He is getting pretty good at following commands. "Shall we change your diaper?" makes him turn and walk to his room and wait patiently at his changing table. "Where are your shoes?" makes him bring you his shoes. "Do you want to go outside?" makes him run to the door and frantically try to turn the doorknob, because once there is a possibility of going outside, he must be outside immediately.

He follows LL around all the time, and wants to be playing with whatever LL is playing with. He does not accept that he is younger than LL. He is fearless.

He learns new things every single day. He is getting taller by the hour, which is particularly strange because he was already in the 95th percentile for height at his 15 months appointment, and his parents are not 95th percentile people. (I am short, and S is charitably "average" in height.) He can open every day in the house, he can defeat most of our baby-proofing, and he can now reach almost every surface in the kitchen and living room.

He likes to eat. Everything. A lot. He is always willing to try new foods. He is a bit suspicious of cooked vegetables, but loves raw ones because they are crunchy.

He is super snuggly. He loves being cuddled. He adores being sung to (and quite clearly has favorite songs). He adds appropriate sound effects to a ton of songs. (Does the song mention sleeping? He'll fake a snore for you. Does the song mention a mouse? Wait for Kermit to squeak before you go on. Does the song mention something going "boom!" Kermit will happily yell "Boom!", or perhaps whisper "boom" if it is bedtime.)

And he loves to laugh and smile. All the time.


  1. Kermit sounds adorable. Glad things are moving in the right direction and hope sleep is next!

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