Sunday, March 24, 2013

300+ Day Update

Not even a round number of days, but I'm updating anyway. Shrug.

1. Have two happy kids and a happy husband. (Kermit has his moments of total despair, because, you know, he's two. But otherwise, yes, they're happy.)

2. Lose 50 pounds. (Hahahahaha! No progress on this one. None. But I do have a fitbit now, so at least I have a pretty good idea of why I'm not losing weight.)

3. Work in a job that I enjoy (again). (Totally there right now. I'm loving my job. Still working on the whole work-life balance thing, but then, who isn't.)

4. Buy a new (bigger) house. (We did this one! We did this one! Woo hoo!)

5. Have permanent assigned "homes" for most objects in the house. (Getting there. Still unpacking.)

6. Finish Kermit's baby book. (Ugh. Still haven't started it. And now he's two. I'm a horrible mother.)

7. Make a real baby blanket for Kermit. (Technically done, but I'm leaving it undone anyway. I made him a super-fast one that he could keep at daycare, which he loves, but I want to make him a nice one. One that takes a little time.)

8. Decide on a preschool for LL. (Done! Now we need to decide what to do about kindergarten....)

9. Read 10 non-parenting-related books. (I have totally done this one. S bought me a Kindle for Chanukah. Know what that means? Every night while I sit in the dark keeping a child company until he falls asleep (yep, looking at you, LL) I can read. In the dark. And just like that, I have time to read! I've read more books in the past four months than in the previous four years combined.)

10. Wear sunscreen every day. (The dreary winter has made me slack off on this one. I need to get better now that it's spring. Yes, I know that I'm supposed to do this even in winter. I know I know I know.)

11. Continue wearing makeup every work day. (So far so good.)

12. Wash and moisturize my face every night. (Like the sunscreen one, I'm doing pretty good, but not quite there yet. Also, I keep discovering that I don't like my soap. Or my moisturizer.)

13. Shower regularly. (I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Ew.)

14. Eat salad for lunch 3 days/week. (Up above, where I said that I haven't lost any weight yet? Not doing this one is definitely part of the problem.)

15. Have a fully funded 12-month emergency fund. (Done!)

16. Pay off all debt except the mortgage. (Done!)

17. Bring both kids to visit my parents at least twice. (One down, one to go.)

18. Bring both kids to visit my in-laws at least twice. (One down, one to go.)

19. Finish that iPhone app that I've been talking about for two years. (Not yet.)

 20. Exercise 3 times/week. (No salad, no exercise, no weight loss. Cause, meet effect.)

So ... 9 done out of 20. A little less than 200 days to go. Eh.

For reference, my original 500 Day Goals were posted here.

More normal posts hopefully coming soon.  I have a backlog, truly.  But I am behind in absolutely everything, which is annoying.  Also, they're killing Google Reader, which sucks, because now I won't even be able to stay on top of stuff I want to read, much less write.