500 Days

1. Have two happy kids and a happy husband.
2. Lose 50 pounds.
3. Work in a job that I enjoy.
4. Buy a new (bigger) house.
5. Have permanent assigned "homes" for most objects in the house.
6. Finish Kermit's baby book.
7. Make a real baby blanket for Kermit.
8. Decide on a preschool for LL.
9. Read 10 non-parenting-related books.
10. Wear sunscreen every day.
11. Continue wearing makeup every work day.
12. Wash and moisturize my face every night.
13. Shower regularly.
14. Eat salad for lunch 3 days/week.
15. Have a fully funded 12-month emergency fund.
16. Pay off all debt except the mortgage.
17. Bring both kids to visit my parents at least twice.
18. Bring both kids to visit my in-laws at least twice.
19. Finish that iPhone app that I've been talking about for two years.
20. Exercise 3 times/week.

Goals established here on 5/21/2012.